Life Server Rules

  • Level raising of MCMMO · jobs by prohibition is prohibited. (Example: raising the level by using repeated hitting tool with automatic fishing machine)
  •  Large-scale clock circuit – We are prohibiting the push-punching of MOBs that are over the limit. (Circuits may be OK sorted by management)
  •  TT creation is prohibited in all the world. (But if you just make springwater OK)
  •  Mining mineral resources for resource purposes is a resource world.
  •  Production / use of infinite manufacturing machines is prohibited.
  • We are prohibiting acts of promoting test contents and answers to the test subjects.
  • Their site – chest is to always protect please over the! (For mitigation of correspondence of management)
  • Grounds of non-protection in the roll back is carried out does not. In addition, please indicate the cooperative site to understand. (The road is excluded)
  • PVP without agreement is prohibited.
  • Please give me the site. In case of trouble, we will punish those who built later.
  • Do not destroy others’ premises without modification · do not remodel
  • We are prohibiting execution of management / management commands without permission. (I am trying not to do it, of course.)
  • When asking questions in the server · inquiry · discord please ask you a question after looking at this site carefully.
  • Acts entering the server for promotion / solicitation are prohibited.
  • Regarding announcement when the rule of living server etc. change, we will report in this discord group.
  • The BAN standard of this living server is the same as ordinary project mackerel.

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