Overall rule

  • Inappropriate remarks , Spam should not. (As an example below)
    • Blame the other person or do something contrary to public order and morals such as bad habits ,insults abusive words
    • Chatting and giving up
    • Repeatedly making similar statements on purpose (including death log etc.)
    • Invitation to other servers without permission
  • Offensive and clumsy Minecraft skins and usernames are prohibited.
  • If there is a cheat on the server, report it to the administration with “/tell”.
  • It is OK for the delivery of the project and the video to be distributed and posted freely.
    However, please be sure to specify the URL of “this site” when delivering. (Excluding distribution mirror)
  • We prohibit the act of interrupting the operation of this server.
  • The use of Click-and-Bottom tool in PVP is prohibited.
  • It is illegal to use the hack client, which cheats the game.
  • Please strictly adhere to the other game rules.
  • We do not allow the authority cheating.
  • Please strictly adhere to common sense and manners.
  • Do not post the server address on broadcasting etc. * 1 (The following is an exception)
    • Collaboration dedicated server address
    • Delivery not permitted by troubles

*1: Owner, including operation

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